Rena Kuai

I am a Product Designer with a background in Product Management. I love working on complex products and strive to bring clarity and joy to workflows that, traditionally, don't have a strong emphasis on user experience. Currently, I am designing the next generation of web development tools at GatsbyJS. Previously, I designed user experiences that made data more actionable and user friendly at 15Five and CloudBees. I was also once a Product Manager at Citibank and Standard & Poors and I am a 2012 graduate of MIT.

I like to approach design with a balanced mindset that focuses both on data & research and human behavior & feeling. I think that the best user experiences are created through a clear understanding of problems, quick experimentation, and multiple, iterative cycles where there is a constant stream of user feedback. I am also passionate about improving design processes and mentoring junior designers.

Besides design stuff, I love traveling (and travel hacking), soaking up nature, obsessing over my 🐱, Tony Montana, and watercoloring over @renamakesart. I currently live in 📍Dallas, TX with my husband, but we like imagining what it would be like to live in the Pacific Northwest in the future.

My Articles

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